Enterprise Platform Marketing Consultants

We help the Enterprise design, build and deploy Platform Marketing Infrastructure - enabling Predictability and Scale in Marketing ROI.

About us

We are Predator Digital.
We help enterprises design, build, and deploy Platform Marketing Infrastructure.

Enterprise Platform Marketing involves capturing enterprise data – Digital Media, CRM, Audience Knowledge and Insights, and converting those datasets into addressable media segments via Audience Platforms such as Google, Facebook, Ad-Exchanges, and so on, to drive Acquisition of Desirable business outcomes for the Enterprise.

Predator Digital is a domain-expert in all aspects of design, build and scaling of Enterprise Platform Marketing systems.

What We Do


Predator consults with CXO level stakeholders to help design, build and operationalize their Platform Marketing Infrastructure – with the specific objective of driving business outcomes while reducing Enterprise TCO.


Deployment involves translating architectural blueprints into an actual working system for the Enterprise. This involves Technology and Systems Integration, Documentation, QC and Stakeholder training.


Platform Marketing Infrastructure needs to then be deployed towards predictably and scalably growing Desirable Business Outcomes® for the Enterprise. What is needed is the sighting of the CrossBones® Effect, where outcomes per unit time grow, while Cost per Unit Outcome decline.

Our Team

We pride ourselves on our young team of passionate domain experts in Usability, Data, and Technology.
We’re performance driven, and link our compensation to achievement of client outcomes, rather than media spend.

Rajeev Bala

Lead Solution Architect

Kapil Dev Hemnani

Product Manager

Sikandar Khan

Chief Technology Officer

Lohit Peesapati

Full Stack Developer

Benjamin Pirrie

Lead - Enterprise SEO

Harish Kashaboina

Full Stack Developer

Santhosh Korimi

Frontend Developer

Pravallika Kuppani

Backend Developer

Sumalatha Bareddy

Backend Developer

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